ankaANKA is the synchrotron light source of the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT), providing light from hard X-rays to the far-infrared for research and technology. The facility is operated by the Institute for Synchrotron Radiation (ISS) and started user operation in 2003. ANKA focuses on specific fields of science and is operated as a user facility for the national and international scientific community, for the Helmholtz Society research programs and for industrial customers.

For the Software Methods Group ANKA is an important partner in fields of data intensive computing and large scale data management. The tomography beamline TOMO is by far the most data intensive ANKA beamline capable to produce 30-100TB in a week, where the size of a single raw tomogram is 50GB, and an important use case for LSDF and LSDMA. Due to its practical implications, the considerable amount of data to process and the variety of methods and approaches possible the tomographic reconstruction is of general interest in IPE. This involves algorithm development and optimisation.Developed algorithm will adapt to the practical analysis and implementation of data sets from ANKA, and meet the needs for the new scientific research in the field of computed tomography. Moreover, the LSDF parallel computing resources will be used to implement an automatic workflow of these developed algorithms to return reconstruction results of high quality to scientific users in near real time.



Rainer Stotzka

Xiaoli Yang

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