Localization Miscroscopy (LM), Nanoscopy project is a joint collaboration between Data Life Cycle Lab Key Technologies, Helmholtz Portfolio Extension large Scale Data Management and Analysis and Uni. Heidelberg and Mainz. LM is a novel imaging technique that is capable of producing high-resolution images of sub-cellular structures at nanometer scale. The datasets produced for a single investigation are in the range of 150 - 200 TB. Furthermore, the large datasets are enriched with metadata for sharing and reuse.

The scope of the project is to build an Open Reference Data Repository for manaing the large datasets. The Open Reference Data Repository will enable the following functionailty for the nanoscopy research community

  • Store and Access large datasets
  • Annotate the datasets (reference data is important for disseminating knowledge)
  • Share the results
  • Reference the datasets


Ajinkya Prabhune
Rainer Stotzka

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