State of the art microscopy results in large image data sets when performing time lapse studies to follow processes of zebrafish development. For example, two 3D volumes of an embryo will be taken in less than one minute at highest resolution. Time-lapse imaging of one embryo takes ten hours and produces approximately seven TB of data. As measurements should be performed on a regular basis, the data has to be processed within one to two days to avoid accumulation of open processing tasks.


SWM is responsible for


  • High performance data ingest with data rates > 450 MB/s: data has to be moved from intermediate to external storage (Large Scale Data Facility (LSDF))
  • Preparation for processing
  • Image registration
  • High performance data access for users and further analysis




Volker Hartmann
Rainer Stotzka




ITG (AG Strähle)
APH (AG Nienhaus)

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