Scientific experiments producing large amounts of data are in desperate need of data analysis capacities which are able to process

  • large amounts of data in
  • near real-time.

LAMBDA – The LSDF Execution Framework for Data Intensive Applications
is a system allowing asynchronous high-performance data processing (not only) in the Large Scale Data Facility (LSDF). The main goal of LAMBDA is to simplify large scale data processing for scientific users by reducing complexity, responsibility and error-proneness. These goals are achieved by controlled deployment of user applications, which are described by meta data. The meta data includes a detailed description of the user application, the required runtime environment and needed libraries. With this meta data, LAMBDA is able to configure a proper environment, by using appropriate tools, automatically before the user application starts. Thereby a valid user application will succeed with a very high probability.
Furthermore, LAMBDA provides interfaces in all directions that allow to exchange computing infrastructure, meta data storage and storage itself unnoticeable for the scientific user.


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