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In the project "Ultrasound Computer Tomography" (USCT) a new imaging methodology for early breast cancer detection is developed. It promises three dimensional images of the breast with high spatial resolution. Our aim is the detection of tumors with an average diameter of less than 5 mm to improve the survival probability of the patients.

Components of the USCT: Patient bed with sensor aperture
and data acquision hardware

Analysis of 3D images on a PC

The development of hardware and methods for USCT is a significant challenge. The USCT method is based on thousands of small ultrasound transducers, which are mounted in a water filled examination reservoir. For each image of the breast a large amout of raw data is acquired, which is subsequently applied for reconstruction of different 3D volumes.

Detailed view of the examination reservoir with
mounted transducer arrays

Detailed view of the in-house built
transducer arrays

For developement of the prototypes for USCT we apply the joined compentences of our institute: Ranging from the mechanical design, development and production of ultrasound transducers, layout of analog and digital electronics to the development of the reconstruction algorithms, the complete realization of the system is carried out in our institute. In addition we are cooperating with a number of national and international partners.

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